The organizer - Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre of n.a. A.S. Pushkin,
with the assistance of Fond of Mikhail Prokhorov
and Culture Ministry of Krasnoyarsk krai

Plays on KFOBK

Plays by Swedish playwright Lars Nuren will be performed by actors of Krasnoyarsk Drama Thetre n.a. A.S. Pushkin on KFOBK.

Every year on Krasnoyarsk fair Of the Book Culture the Festival of modern dramaturgy ‘DNC’ and the publishing house ‘New literature observing’ present readings of plays by authors – our contemporaries to the audience. This year plays by the most famous modern Swedish playwright in the world Lars Nuren were chosen.

2 November – Reading of the play ‘Volition to the murder’

3 November – Reading of the play “the War’

4 November - Reading of the play ‘Cold’

Director: Oleg Rybkin

The beginning of readings at 15.00 in Club KFOBK