The organizer - Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre of n.a. A.S. Pushkin,
with the assistance of Fond of Mikhail Prokhorov
and Culture Ministry of Krasnoyarsk krai


DNC premieres by the director Oleg Rybkin:

'Far away' based on the play by Caryl Cherchill (2008)
'Ensign from the island Inishmor' based on the play by Martin Mac'Donah (2009)
'Places and memories' based on the play by M.Betsuyaku
'The God of slaughter' based on the play by YasminaReza (2011)
'Alice's journey to Switzerland on the play by Lucas Berfus (2012)

Guests of the DNC of different years

Alexander Vislov - journalist, theatre critic, head of the department of art of 'Literature newspaper'. The member of the expert union of National theatre award ' Golden Mask'

Mikhail Ugarov - the director, playwright, script writer, art director of Theatre.doc and the festival of young dramaturgy 'Lyubimovka'. One of the managers of the festival 'New play'.Permanent expert of the festival 'Drama.New Code'. He was a laureate of national theatre festival-competition 'Golden mask' twice.

Christina Matvienko - theatre critic, programme director of the festival 'New drama'. Member of the expert union of the National theatre award 'Golden mask'.

Elena Kovalevskaya - theatre critic, reviewer of the magazine 'Afisha', art director of the festival of young dramaturgy 'Lyubimovka'. Member of jury of the festivals 'New drama' and 'Golden Mask'.

Oleg Loevsky - assistant of the director in charge of creativity of Yekaterinburg theatre of young audiences, founder and art director of the festival 'Real theatre', laureate of the international theatre award n.a. K.S. Stanislavsky, member of the expert union of the national theatre award 'Golden mask', theatre critic.

Marina Razbezhkina -Russian script writer, documentary film director, head of the School of documentary films and documentary theatre. Member of the Union of filmmakers of Russia, Guild of documentary films and television, Russian Academy of filmmaking art 'Nika', European Academy of filmmaking. Since 2008 Marina Alexandrovna has been teaching of the creative workshop of the High School of journalism, course 'Directing of documentary films and documentary theatre'. She organizes a creative competition of documentaries 'hunt for the reality', winners of this competition have the right to have free education in the workshop.

Nina Sadur - author of plays, novels and stories, script, member of the union of writers of the USSR, favorite student of Victor Rozanov.Plays by Nina Sadur 'Queer baba', 'Group of comrades', 'Moon wolves', 'Brother Chichikov', 'Nose', 'Doctor of the garden' - are performed in Russia and abroad.

YaroslavaPulinovich - playwright, script writer. She was bornin Omsk; in 2009 graduatedYekaterinburgstate theatre Institute (department of NikolayKolyada's dramaturgy). Scholar of the Union of theatre makers. Plays of the author were performed in England, the USA, Ukraine and more than 30 theatres of Russia.

VyacheslavDurnenkov – has a historical education, the author of 20 plays (some of them were written with the assistance of brother Mikhail), published in magazines ' Theatre', 'Modern dramaturgy', 'The art of films', 'New world'. The collector ‘Cultural layer ’ was published in 2005by the printing house ‘EKSMO’. Performances took place in theatresin Russia and abroad, including MAT n.a. Chekhov and in the Royal Shakespeare theatre. Laureate of ‘Dramatis Personae’ (2010,2011), ‘New Drama’ (2005, 2008), ‘Texture’ (2010, 2011), ‘Free theatre’(2005). Nowadays she works for TV and lives in Togliatti.

Alexander Stroganov - M.D., assistant professor of the department of psychiatrics of Altai state medical University, playwright, director.

Mikhail Durnenkov – playwright, film script writer. Participant of creative workshops and festivals: ‘New Drama’, ‘Texture’, ‘Golden Mask’, ‘Lyubimovka’, ‘Royal Court’ (London) etc. Winner of the international dramaturgy competition ‘Eurasia’ in 2008. Laureate of dramaturgy award ‘Dramatis Personae’ in 2010.

During different years in DNC these plays were read:
‘Future will show’ by Victoria Nikiforova ‘Titiy impeccable’, ‘Class of Bento Bonchev’, ‘The poor in space’ by Maxim Kurochkin
‘Dogs-yakuza’, ‘Ruins’, ‘Monotheist’ by Yuri Klavdiev
‘Casting’ by German Grekov with the participation of Yuri Muravitsky
‘Hawks’, ‘My Moscow’ by Valery Pecheykin
‘Set’, ‘Hungarikum’ by Vladimir and Oleg Presnyakov
‘Classmates’ by Sergey Matveev
‘Station’, ‘Go home’ by YuliaYakovleva
‘The nearest town’, ‘Kiddy’ by Marius Ivashkyavichus
‘Crime and Punishment’ by Mark Ravenhil
‘Life was successful’, ‘Locked door’ by PavelPryazhko
‘Art is eternal’, ‘his life in art’ by Mikhail Durnenkov
‘German writers – transvestites’ by Konstantin Kostenko
‘Lisa’s fantasy’ by Lyudmila Dukhanina
‘Faucet’ by German Grekov
‘The sky above Eburg’, ‘Endless April’, ‘Joanne’ by YaroslavaPulinovich
‘Frontovichka’ by Anna Baturina
‘Let’s remember Anna’ by Anna Yablonskaya
‘Brothers Ch.’ By Elena Gremina
‘Inflight’ by Mikhail Ugarov
‘Armless from Spokan’ by Martin MacDonah
‘About cows’ by VadimLevanov
‘Swing’ by Alexander Stroganov
‘North’ by VyacheslavDurnenkov
‘Drift’ by Vladimir Sorokin
‘Pilot’ by Nina Sadur
‘Watch- doggy’ by Peter Vittenbols (Holland)
‘Last days’ by Deborah Zoe Laufer(the USA)
‘Love of people’ by Dmitry Bogoslavsky