The organizer - Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre of n.a. A.S. Pushkin,
with the assistance of Fond of Mikhail Prokhorov
and Culture Ministry of Krasnoyarsk krai

About the festival

The festival of the modern dramaturgy ‘Drama. New Code’ (DNC) (there is a pun in the name of the festival in Rusian: abbreviation of the phrase 'Drama. New Code' («Драма. Новый Код») looks the same as the abbreviation of the phrase ' desoxynucleic acid' and it's important for understanding of the idea of DNC (ДНК)) in Krasnoyarsk first took place in 2008. DNC is made as dramatized readings of plays by modern Russian and foreign play writers on the venues of Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre of n.a. A.S. Pushkin. Along with the troop of the Pushkin theatre invited stage directors from different Russian cities and the former Soviet Union work on plays. No one reading takes place without discussion of observed dramaturgic material: famous theatre critics, journalists estimate plays, audience, actors and directors take part in discussion as well as the experts. During only a few festival days citizens of Krasnoyarsk and other towns of Krasnoyarsk krai and Siberia get food for reflection for all year and theatres - possibility to see, hear and understand modern authors and choose a play for their repertory.

Also since 2010 – from ‘The Third Season’ of the festival - within it there is a seminar under the guidance of Mikhail Ugarov, the director, play writer, artistic managing director of ‘Theatre.doc’.

In 2011 in the playbill of the festival the programme ‘DNC plus’ appeared: the documentary film ‘I love you’ was shown and there was the event of modern poetry.

Every year guests of the festival include Russian theatres which have adapted for stage plays of modern dramatists.

The aims of the project ‘Drama. New Code’:

  • Introduction of Russian drama novelties to audience/readers;
  • Introduction of new generation of directors, their views to the modern dramaturgy and theatre;
  • Possibility of having open discussion with authors and directors about matters of concern after the introduction of plays:
  • Participation of play writers of region presenting their plays on the professional stage, taking part in discussion club and seminars;
  • Introduction of new generation of play writers and directors to invited directors of theatres of the region.

The festival DNC is optimized for audience interested in modern dramaturgy and new processes in literature, for professionals and fans of theatre, for students of Pedagogical and federal University, Krasnoyarsk Theatre Academy of music and theatre, pupils of secondary school and intelligetzia og region.

Founders and organizers of DNC: Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre of n.a. A.S. Pushkin, Fond of Mikhail Prokhorov, Culture Ministry of Krasnoyarsk krai.